Faster than you can

“Scan, pack, seal, it is that fast and that simple.”
Antony, Life Pharmacy Orewa

The Medico Alpaca will free up your staff to do more productive duties. Why do Medico Paks in advance when the Medico Alpaca is so fast you can make packs for that day at the time the patient presents a script.


  • 1.5 to 3 minutes per Medico Pak including manual fills.
  • Between 30 to 40 packs per hour depending on complexity of manual fills.


  • Medico Alpaca makes faster, more accurate and safer Medico Paks
  • The Medico Alpaca will reduce the time your staff spends on making Medico Paks allowing them to focus on increasing your Medico sales through consulting with your community patients.
  • Medico Alpaca uses blister technology similar to Medico which is fully compliant with the Ministry of Health regulations and has 4 weeks stability data.


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