Product Name Blister Packing Machine
Model No. YS-BLIP-1
Dispensing Speed 60sec/pack (1type1pill/cell)
Material of Blister Polyester
Canisters Large x 6pcs, Regular x 54pcs
Dimensions W890 x D590 x H1993 (mm)
Weight Approx 230kg (not including canisters)
Power Consumption 500VA (MAX)
Power Supply AC240V 50Hz
Manual Pill Tray 28 cells
Alarm Typing tone and error sounds
Pill Sensor Type Optical sensor
Options Earthquake clamps, Journal Printer, Arm for PC, and Arm for printer.


The blisters have been redesigned to increase volume but more importantly to make it easier for pharmacists to check the contents of each pottle therefore delivering safer healthcare outcomes to our patients.

Blister 24mm 18mm 12mm 6mm
Alpaca 14.1 11.4 8 4.2
Medico 9.6 7.2 5 2.6
Difference 4.5 4.2 3 1.6
Percentage 47% 58% 60% 62%
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