Why Alpaca

“What was taking all day to do, is now completed before morning tea.”
Samantha, Life Pharmacy Orewa

The Medico Alpaca can assemble Medico Paks from both LOTS and Toniq pharmacy dispensing systems. It comes with barcode technology to verify the correct prescription foil is matched with the correct dispensed blister. The barcode technology enables high level safety checks to avoid medication errors during refilling of the canisters and manual fills.

One of the reasons the Medico Alpaca is so fast is its ability to process the next script while you have the drawer open sealing your current Medico Pak. Once the drawer is closed the next script is ready to be packed/sealed. In this way volumes of 20, 30, or 40 packs an hour can be achieved.

The Medico Alpaca comes with 120 calibrated canisters which are tailored specifically for the needs/demand of the individual pharmacy.


  • Full Blister Pack Dispensing
  • Full Computer Inventory System
  • Dispensing History
  • Dispensing Reports

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