About Medico Pak

Many of your patients will already be re-packaging their own medicines for various reasons- usually for the convenience of taking them away from home- to the workplace, or on outings.

By recommending they use Medico Pak it will be safer and easier to have the pharmacy do this for them instead.

Here’s a Close Up of how Medico Pak works...

  • Full Medical Description of individual medicines is shown on the “Pack Contents.”
  • Time and Dose are clearly printed on the front and back of the Medico Pak.
  • Contents of Each Pottle are printed along with the patient’s name, medication details, day, time, strength, dosage and number of tablets for that dose time.
  • Each Dose is sealed and secure.
  • Days of the Week is clearly shown on the front and back of pack.
  • Perforated Pottles and strips allow patients to tear off a full day of medication, or just a single mini pak one dosing pottle. Flexible options that are ideal for taking medication to school, work, or away from home.
  • Pak Poppers are also available to assist in opening each pottle without damaging or dropping medication. These are available at the pharmacy.
  • Magnifiers are easily clipped onto the packs to assist patients in reading small print. These are available at the pharmacy.
  • Medico Pak are Flexible for either weekly or monthly formats.
  • Patients Travelling Overseas? Medico Paks meet all customs requirements as all the details are printed on the packs.