Advantages of the Medico Pak System

The Product:-

  • One System only with no need to use a ‘hybrid’ system.
  • Most medications can be successfully packed in Medico Pak (USP “B” Standard)
  • Top quality FDA approved (highest standards) materials for a stable, tamper-evident product.
  • Less chance of cross-contamination of medicines, unlike other packaging, where all medication travels the same dispensing route.
  • Medication is contained in a sturdy blister pak which minimises crushing and broken pills.
  • The blister pak becomes the medication pottle.

The patient:-

  • Interaction with their local pharmacist for advice and help.
  • User- friendly weekly or monthly calendar format is available.
  • Medication changes can be completed and delivered the same day by the local pharmacist.
  • The perforated pack is designed to allow more independence and convenience away from the home.
  • Ideal for travelling; going on holiday; or work days, helping to reduce lack of compliance.
  • Hygienic, light and easy to carry.
  • Clear instructions makes understanding easier and avoids confusion.
  • Easy to check if medication has been taken, and the time of the next dose.
  • ‘Alert’ labels or colour coded labels can be added for further clarity.

The Professionals:-

  • Dispensing errors can be quickly corrected in the pharmacy before the pak is sealed allowing a robust checking system.
  • Unlike other systems, there is no double- handling when administering in care facilities.
  • Clearly obvious when medication is due and how many doses have been administered.
  • A flexible system that can adapt to any changes in the medical industry.
  • Full documentation and patient identification system provides and maintains a complete audit trail for both community and care facility clients.
  • Products to make storage easier include folders and trolley.
  • Each individual pottle has printed information including patient name, medication, content, dose, time and number of tablets for that dosing time.
  • Medico Pak has been designed by New Zealanders for the New Zealand market and legislative requirements.
  • Because Medico Pak is totally disposable there is no need to return trays or folders to the pharmacy for refilling or cleaning- which also assists control of infection.
  • Well known New Zealand system with over 700 Medico Pak pharmacies throughout the country.