About the Medico Pak System

As a pharmacist, you play a key role in the Medico Pak system as patients will ask your advice and discuss the best option for making their medication regimen as simple and convenient as possible.

We are encouraging doctors to recognise the role Medico Pak takes in increasing compliance and reducing patient error so that even more patients will be better informed about the benefits medication management can have on their quality of life.

Here’s a Close Up of how Medico Pak works...

  • Full Medical Description of individual medicines is shown on the “Pack Contents.”
  • Time and Dose are clearly printed on the front and back of the Medico Pak.
  • Contents of Each Mini Blister Pak are printed along with the patient’s name, medication details, day, time, strength and dosage.
  • Sealed and Secure keeps each dose safe every time.
  • Day of the Week is clearly shown on the front and back of pack.
  • Tear-Off Mini Blister Paks and Strips allow patients to tear off a full day of medication, or just a single mini pak. Flexible options that are ideal for taking medication to school, work, or away from home.
  • Pill Poppers are also available to make it easy to correctly open each mini pak without damaging or dropping medication.
  • Magnifier is easily clipped onto the packs to assist patients in reading small print.