How Medication Mismanagement Impacts on Patient Care

Trusted and proven medication management systems like Medico Pak have been unavailable in New Zealand until relatively recently- here are some research figures which highlight the effects drug-related incidents can have on patients:

40% prescriptions are not taken till completed
50% drugs taken incorrectly
10% hospitalisations drug-related
25% hospitalisations among the elderly are drug-related
Ref: Pharmacy Today,1995

Medication Misadventure

150 deaths in New Zealand per annum
400 patients suffer permanent disabilities
4000 patients suffer short-term disabilities
Ref: New Zealand Herald 2009

Drug Error Occurrence from a U.S. Study

39% Prescribing (Poor Doctor’s handwriting and instructions)
12% Transcribing (lost in translation)
11% Dispensing
38% Administering

Ref: Dr Peter Hodgson (Former Minister of Health) Electronic Health Records Summit 2008
Comment: The Dispensing and Administering can be positively influenced by a product like Medico Pak