Combo Cold Seal

The Combo is a cold seal method for sealing the packs. We have two options to choose from, one uses a film as the moisture barrier and the other is a foil. This gives the pharmacy an option as to which product they prefer to use.
Combo is an A4 size sheet, made up of three main labels, it is able to go through most laser or ink jet printers. The printer simultaneously prints in one process, the:

  • Header Label
  • Side Day Label
  • Backing Sheet

Combo sheets are printed at the pharmacy with the following details;

  • Patient’s name
  • Doctor’s name
  • Pharmacy’s name and address
  • Date of issue
  • Full details of the medication contained in the pack
  • Description of medication
  • Prescription number

Each individual blister is printed with;

  • Name of patient, day and time of administering
  • Dosage and medication contained in each blister
  • Number of medications contained in each blister

Reverse Option

Ideal for care facilities where the packs are stored inside folders, suspended by the header. When the packs are flipped over, it allows the information on the back of the packs to be easily read (without turning the folder around).
Healthsoft carries this as standard and Toniq has this as an option.

Description Quantity Order Code
Combo Cold Seal, Film 100's 500616
Combo Cold Seal, Foil 100's 38026

Combo Cold Seal Combo Cold Seal